Poem to a friend

Lonely Morning behind my curtains
Falling tears from the sky banging on my windows
Seeking my body,
Still numb after the burning night
Of an established memory, an essay from an almost
Forgotten prelude
Ready to be printed on my paper.
I discover the appearance of an increasing tone
The sound from the depth of the sea,
Where I so often pacing my way
 For stillness and comfort.
Leaving behind my body
My somnambulistic spirit.
Sinking to the bottom of awareness
I almost crush the upcoming moment
The strength I so much need
To verify my existence,
the matter of the fair child in me
enraptured of passion but also
in view of discretion and respect.
Now among the pebbles and the sand
I follow the waves of my sea
Drowning my lameness for ever
Catching up the white foam
Flying away with the grey clouds
Regardless of a pouring illusion.
kc Sept. 2020