My Nights are Whispering Voices

My Nights are whispering voices of unspoken words
My mind sleeping , so still in silent thoughts
My heart, a dull bearer of evil and defence and in a hurry,
in a rushing speed of desire
that grow and grow in every pace.

Ambitions and eager forcing my steps
That also make the time to slowly dwell
to where I trace without excuse and regrets
In perfect love, and in love being made
and raised by youth that last to the end.

And here I host for what shall be your delight
for what I can add to your trembling lips and your shyness,
that bow in front of me a barrier, hungering for attention
that I lay light upon, to faithfully shine.

Compressed are my lips of the Nights Dead,
the unspoken words from whispering voices
My mind illuminating thoughts out of dreams
My heart bouncing and rushing, seeking in desire,
a leap in the dark and for what come to pass
from a barrier of shyness, hungering for attention
Now faithfully shining in the Night.

June 2017 ©k.c. Photo: Google Search Music: Triumph Composed by Nikos Ignatiadis Poem: Recited by the Author Videoproduction: FreyaMusic


Happiness, a part of nature´s nuisance

Feeding herself with mighty memories

Gliding easily on the white foam,

And diving quickly into our dark sunken eyes.

She grabs your thoughts,

She chills the fire in your blood

And warm your stiffened veins, when cold,

At every small spark, at every ray of hope.

She never rests, and as her privilege

She works you into a march of actions

And make you clear the hollow sound

The voice of complex and clearness.

She rates your feeble excuse,

She treasures your intellect of delicacy,

She makes life and dead to fit in

To her great assurance of providential praise.

Copyright January 2020 kc.

Stay Another Moment

Stay Another Moment Stay, please stay another moment
give me your pounding strength that knocked me down
within the frame of your possession.

Stay, and honour me with your voice
that is digging deeper than death
in where the high port of pillars could hold me for ever as a servant.

Stay, with your eyes closed climbing the steps,
that survey the pale modesty
appealing the glance of compassion
that suddenly has fallen asleep.

Stay, let your flying breath fondle my rosy cheek
as the master of sublimity you are
endeavour to please the last resistance
with your ingenious manner.

Stay, and with thy sweet sensitive fingers touch my lips
with gently sensuality that brush against the closest presence
of a humble but superior kiss.

Stay Another Moment.
August 2017 ©k.c. Photo: Wallpaper, Google search Music: Hard Times composer Ewanthia Reboutsika Poem: Stay Another Moment, recited by the Author Videoproduction: FreyaMusic