The Only You

Poem no 3 in the Verse Cycle TO YOU
The Only You
In this moment, the day is just about to break
In fresh numbers, number all your grace
and my tired spirit bearing no more harms,
the smell of your aura now closely attending
bringing endless joy, that I embrace,
saving in my bosom, keeping in my arms.
 My longing palms grow red and sore
from dropping tears in darkish blue
drizzling down my blushing cheek,
I gladly would remove as the morning dew
and wasted blood will fully vanish
when pleasure allows a fervent reverie, anew.
In that, my made up, and ceremonious dream
with the sensation of a wild, primitive origin
I found You, while My pen has formed thy nobility,
thy high forehead, thy brave mouth,
thy proud walk and straight shoulders,
that placed you on thy solid ground.
You live within me, feeling all my thoughts
You paint my dreams in winter skies that blend my sight
In summer green, the windy travel of dried flowers,
the grass, in where our humble fondling lives
and our silent breath, our fragility in budding love
rise our tenderness, trembling…Our lips.
Moments of raptures, fast passing away, fading
but you do know them, in every shade,
The dreams, the obvious record of your memory
the journey of love, reflected in your face
tempting me to wondrous achievements
and I drop my eyes, blushing
totally dazzled by the Only You.
February 2018 Copyright kc.

The Earth is Cold Today.

Shuddering are all my nerves,
Deeply buried on my bare shoulders,
my thoughts my mind, hopes and pleasure
like stable monumental pillars,
Blended, of the moonlight shaped sky
the reason for rising my head my body.
But I am bowing, still, so confused
Waiting for the still and silent mornings
when time is meant for being good
 and you, yourself all sweetness deceive,
And yet, full of languish
only mortal looks you will receive.
The Earth is so Cold Today
How can you love the faded dreams
That you can´t get in gladness
and sweetly hide the singleness
you ought to bare
perhaps for fear, to wet your lonely eyes.
And what do I want  
a heart that flowers like the garden
That my words will be streaming like my Sea
That my sorrows will be garnished in my soul
And my tender grief a deeper impulse given
Then, perhaps the Earth would not be cold
Copyright 1019-07 07

These words were meant for you.

Poem no 4 in the Verse Cycle TO YOU

These Words Were Meant For You.


Don´t let the frozen hand of rage

Lay cold upon your skin,

But warm the blood, thy touch,

That run through the ocean.


Thy fingertips like rosy petals

Smoothly bleeding red

Of sore that stay too long

In the rank wildness.


I close my eyes, to see the most

And in my dreams,

I see what I have lost

In every soul there is a shade

A shadow lent from beauty´s chest.


The Every shadow I paint as new

Until another as your heart

In my mind, Does appear.


April 2018. Copyright k,c.


Poem from 2016.
And so, the stream is shared like we
washing among pebbles forcing wildly to be free
glittering jewels on a monarch`s crown
a treasure we never found.
Long and tiring, days and years of pursuit
we both joined in the hope to renew
the firm and hard united libido
licking flames of the heated ego.
No time, no place can ever break our bonds
to buy a minute from a divine respond
a price too small of our common praise
too short for our beloving days.
If all the richness on this earthly round
with wealth and luck was to be found
I would not my fortune change if even paid
my sacred destiny in your palms I´v laid.
No more shall Faith our divinity rule
no more a silver-breasted stream us fool
your lease of life is half my pleasure
in searching for the lost treasure.
No more can Death desire, unto the least remove  
As much as oath and woes no more approve
If you by blood are the one and only mine
Above all your will I´m yours by the holy wine
Copyright 2016 k.c.


Touch Me Now

Touch Me Now. From the verse cycle (To You)
Touch me now,
that may express thy love or thy merits,
Nothing great my dear, but although like wishes’ divine.
 I tell myself that there is nothing old and nothing new,
just this very moment when I live and die.
Touch me now, touch my mind, that colour my senses
that carries the dust, the first conceit of love
ever spoken in your name,
the love that shakes all beauties down from the trees,
Still green and fresh like the view of Spring.
Touch me now, I know the nice hue is changing
while your love stands still and ever spire,
My fear of being deceived,
is taking the strength from the growing stem,
 for being the means of a most balmy time
and for making age never being born.
Copyright 2018. k.c
Photo Oil Painting by Vladimir Volegov.

Stay Another Moment

Stay another moment
From the Verse Cycle To You
Stay, please stay another moment
give me your pounding strength
that knocked me down 
within the frame of your possession.

Stay, and honour me with your voice
that is digging deeper than death
in where the high port of pillars 
could hold me for ever as a servant.

Stay, with your eyes closed climbing the steps,
that survey the pale modesty
appealing the glance of compassion 
that suddenly has fallen asleep.

Stay, let your flying breath fondle my rosy cheek 
as the master of sublimity you are
endeavour to please the last resistance
with your ingenious manner.

Stay, and with thy sweet sensitive fingers
touch my lips with gently sensuality
that brush against the closest presence 
of a humble but superior kiss.
Stay Another Moment.

Copyright kc. August 2018.