If No Tomorrow comes

If No Tomorrow Comes.
Time, of the unguarded moment
In where I live, still unspoken.
No yesterday from now is gone
and doubtful is tomorrow.
Within the present and in this very happening
stay all my senses quiet, close and numb.
It’s Now, that Love is without reality
uncontrolled she is leading all my thoughts.
True is my Love today, and would forever be
if no tomorrow comes.
Expressing my constant and refined wishes,
in new and various words, of what in my
invention live.
It’s Now my burning sight is here
my heart is beating harder than ever before.
It’s Now I am leaving somebody, and
my mind is rescuing all immortal dreams.
Stopping the waves in the Sea from moving forward
laying still in the washed sand and white pebbles.
It’s Now that Love rejoint our destiny
reinstates thy bosom in my heart.
It’s Now she gives our silence a rich delighted tune
a tender feeling, with fragility, never disgraced
sealed with ornaments in vine
and wreathes in laurel romantically held.
It’s Now, I can perceive your trembling sighs
I can capture the glistening in your eyes.
To drink the poison that is prepared for me.
To kiss the palm of your soft hand.
And Now, in this unguarded but so inviting time
To just hold you close, while you for certain are mine.

And If No Tomorrow Comes.
Music “You are My Destiny” Ernesto Cortazar

You are my Poetry

You Are My Poetry!
Look at you, how you wear your long and silky hair
falling on your shoulder like a light collar in lace
Look at your contracted mind, hidden,
but to me a sheet in the book of your heart.
Look at you, with your forehead in deep wrinkles
that speak of the flames buried in your eyes
Look at you, so proud in your manner
when leaving me in thy young and lusty days.
Look at you, how fair your own esteem of perfection seems
and how you urge to satisfy the running time
Look at you, in your gentleness that dress your humble body
that hold you fast in your tightened palms.
Look at you, and your perfumed greed that trouble our senses
and in a courteous attentiveness creating treasure
On several strings.
Look at you, that also give me strength for tears and to cry,
and teaching me how easy it is to smile.
Look at you, and your distinguished, but sweet self
that always wishes the spring and summer to be mine
Look at you, being the tower of my golden height
the guardian when I slowly fall
And offering me all the needed signs.
 December 2020.kc,


Questions from the heart
Sitting by the fire, totally consumed
Of myself and my lonely life.
Asking, who could be waiting for me
Wondering, why my eyes are getting wet
And neglecting the stillness of my mind.
Between the dancing flames and sparkled shades
An ornament of the poet´s tender intention
Rises like a roaring thunder, in wind and rain,
The knowledge of sinking days and growing nights
Enthralling the light in my heart.
My dear Muse, excuse my so alarming thoughts
Perhaps you take some pleasure in my pains
And tell me in my turn of needs
To whom I waste my careful being,
My precious silence and dignified longing.
The eternal light of stars on the dark sky
That changed my nights into days
And left me time to weigh my love
The seasons of happiness and sorrows
Until utterance of blushing compassion
And fruitful showers, on my bouncing chest
are praised.
Copyright kc 2020.

A letter to my sister

Good Morning, my dearest sister.
I am reading your message and taking your thoughts into my mind. Understanding every word like they would be my own.
You and I We, are the most important persons on the world today.
I do really enjoy the life of my children’s and grandchildren´s, and the fantastic journey they will have in front of themselves.
Although it seems like we, you and I, don´t exist in their lives anymore.
Both, we are living in a grey zone, where we have to create the small dots of brightening stars to enlighten our daily lives.
My thoughts are going back to those days, especially in the darkness of November when we all were together around a big table. Family, sisters and brothers, children and grandchildren, for a dinner of the traditional goose dinner on Mårten´s eve. Sometimes only a duck or a turkey, depending on the fat dish, which wasn´t that easy for digestion.
On the dish also red cabbage prepared in sugar and vinegar, and fresh vegetables newly ripe for the autumn season. A tasty sauce from the broth of the birds. Feast with an apple cake and sauce vanilla for dessert.
Always homemade and so well cooked and tasty.
Of course, that was that time!
Today we are sitting here in our loneliness, in the prison, the quarantine, and silence that The Covid 19 created for us.
We are preparing  our small dishes, but chewing with absolutely no taste or smell.
The wine is sour, and the table is badly set for a proper meal.  The candles are blown out.
It’s a strange conversation with only our thoughts and memories.
Our eyes are crying with dry tears, and a small drop of anything couldn’t hold its softness or waking up our lives.
The nights are Nightmares and the darkness sending us figures of extreme nature, frightening, and not belonging to reality.
We are fighting every day, we are so full of life, so full of light from our inside, so much of power and strength, to make our days a goal, just for being and surviving.
Now we slowly wither like the falling leaves from the November air and the black and empty branches outside my window.
Sending you all my power and love, to also brightening up your day, and the darkness of November
14th of November.
Copyright k.c