An Autumn Symphony

An Autumn Symphony
A loudly drill, from the slowly greying willow tree
Where the yellow billed nuthatch has been nesting
for a short time,
now leaving while the summer flies.
The seeds of humankind now scattered
Over the flat but prepared soil,
Stay safe until the next upcoming season
When the hot sun and water-flow
 open our closed core and be ready to grow. 
So am I now, like the richer people,
Often carved in stone and of
Seldom pleasure, or as my robe that
Keeps my chest hardly closed for better purpose
Of my imprisoned pride.
The morning mist, the many shadows in grey
Have many shades to lend
Where In those your treasures would be safe
But an instant lock is not for long,
And behind;,
Your substance your beauty
 being unfolding, triumphing in worthiness
for being there, placed as the seed
in the early prepared soil
then growing in all the different shades
And in love and hope.
C copyright 2020 kc,