The Woman at my side

The woman at my side.

Where did you fly? The life of my day
That I caught in the early morning breeze
  where dry and withered leaves moving  
In the rough stream,
 forcing in bubbling water, like my feelings,
coming at the surface with the wind
and a bouncing heart in flaming emotions. 

 A poet I am, living in myself, 
where all magical creation starts
 all energy, all courage, invented by myself,
all truth and all mistakes born on this way,
where I tread in the trace of my heirs, long ago.

No borders, no rules are a force, in my existence
While freedom is the stability and my trust
 to grow and not to shrink after a total disruption
while my heart still bouncing like a flame  
and my mind has the power to defend myself.

This is the woman, standing beside me 
Honouring me, building me from the inside 
with her wit a presence of devotion,
 a place called home, but a short moment of nothing
and a never-ending hunger. 

She is Looking at me, taking me in her arms

March 2021.
Copyright kc.