A Dream in St. Valentine

A Dream in St.Valentine.
When morning capture the strength of noble range
That beams over the red and blue coloured sky
My dream lies in my labouring chest
Now drowned by the mounted wind
Like a breath fringed with fire.
The maze of every bells from unrested motions
That never made you sad before
Now calling in my aching spirit
From ancient Gods in greyish beard
And long white dresses
Returning from thousand years of war.
My hope of unaccomplished years
Should keep you safe, but still so much remains
That never cried or emptied your bright eyes
Before time in riper buds will come
And you yourself as the rose of beauty
Stay high above all evil, and frosty leaves should die.
Now in this early motion of my new day
I paint a prisoner behind the wall of glass
That keep her longing for many years and days
When fresh repair enchants the broken trust
Back to summer thoughts and newly perfumed scent,
resembling the young fragrance of your smile.
Now for your starlit eyes so strongly alive,
What more can be said and what more can be praised
That beauty of your childish appearance glow.
And Then may I hide my shyness, and tell
That in the deep of those eyes, my love forever dwell.
February 2021 Copyright kc.