Winter Time

Winter Time
Inspired by the Snowy Queen that keep my company
During the night.
When all the treasure of our lusty days
Lies still in the prison of my mind
That captured the light, the night, and the day
Now buried under the frosty ground
Just waiting for The King of Winter to arrive.
I am no Queen myself, only a figure as a stony cliff
A mountain of the strongest nature
A hard and secure building in noble granite
I safely wear the head I was born with
Fetched with chains to the ground, but easily canter
Never missing my steps, my foreseen and labourers Hight.
And here, from now I must work,
From inside of the high mountain
Crossing the stones in the flames of the igneous rock
And from the deep of the planet’s mantel of crust.
Slowly rising my head towards the morning sun
I am falling apart but growing on the ground
As an image of the three goddesses, of Music
Poetry and Song.
Febraury 2021 kc