A Miracle

A Miracle.
I can´t find the right words
Those words that swirling around in my mind
Leaving a picture of what I´ve seen
And what I today have learned as a fact
Fast Running in my blood and my veins.
Without any tendency to stop.
Here I stand, on the shore to eternity
Waiting, these last few days of the year
Soon gone with the wind and buried
In the mortal clouds,
falling like the flowers I planted for you.
Looking around myself, seeing nothing
Listening, but all is still and silent
Not a sound from the passing birds
No growing of the sprouting seeds
I left last summer among the weeds.
And I was told to believe in miracles.
I have no God creating miracles or wonders
No, my lonely path creates its own miracles
Of wonders in life and about life
When I wander among the wet pebbles
and from the ancestor’s footsteps in the sand.
And how would It be possible to believe
When we get punished at least every 100-years
Of a deadly weapon, war, epidemics or sickness  
the Black Death, laming, cutting off our intelligence
Erasing a whole mankind from the earth.

Just in time to take the darkness in your arms.
That is a Miracle.