If No Tomorrow comes

If No Tomorrow Comes.
Time, of the unguarded moment
In where I live, still unspoken.
No yesterday from now is gone
and doubtful is tomorrow.
Within the present and in this very happening
stay all my senses quiet, close and numb.
It’s Now, that Love is without reality
uncontrolled she is leading all my thoughts.
True is my Love today, and would forever be
if no tomorrow comes.
Expressing my constant and refined wishes,
in new and various words, of what in my
invention live.
It’s Now my burning sight is here
my heart is beating harder than ever before.
It’s Now I am leaving somebody, and
my mind is rescuing all immortal dreams.
Stopping the waves in the Sea from moving forward
laying still in the washed sand and white pebbles.
It’s Now that Love rejoint our destiny
reinstates thy bosom in my heart.
It’s Now she gives our silence a rich delighted tune
a tender feeling, with fragility, never disgraced
sealed with ornaments in vine
and wreathes in laurel romantically held.
It’s Now, I can perceive your trembling sighs
I can capture the glistening in your eyes.
To drink the poison that is prepared for me.
To kiss the palm of your soft hand.
And Now, in this unguarded but so inviting time
To just hold you close, while you for certain are mine.

And If No Tomorrow Comes.
Music “You are My Destiny” Ernesto Cortazar