You are my Poetry

You Are My Poetry!
Look at you, how you wear your long and silky hair
falling on your shoulder like a light collar in lace
Look at your contracted mind, hidden,
but to me a sheet in the book of your heart.
Look at you, with your forehead in deep wrinkles
that speak of the flames buried in your eyes
Look at you, so proud in your manner
when leaving me in thy young and lusty days.
Look at you, how fair your own esteem of perfection seems
and how you urge to satisfy the running time
Look at you, in your gentleness that dress your humble body
that hold you fast in your tightened palms.
Look at you, and your perfumed greed that trouble our senses
and in a courteous attentiveness creating treasure
On several strings.
Look at you, that also give me strength for tears and to cry,
and teaching me how easy it is to smile.
Look at you, and your distinguished, but sweet self
that always wishes the spring and summer to be mine
Look at you, being the tower of my golden height
the guardian when I slowly fall
And offering me all the needed signs.
 December 2020.kc,