Questions from the heart
Sitting by the fire, totally consumed
Of myself and my lonely life.
Asking, who could be waiting for me
Wondering, why my eyes are getting wet
And neglecting the stillness of my mind.
Between the dancing flames and sparkled shades
An ornament of the poet´s tender intention
Rises like a roaring thunder, in wind and rain,
The knowledge of sinking days and growing nights
Enthralling the light in my heart.
My dear Muse, excuse my so alarming thoughts
Perhaps you take some pleasure in my pains
And tell me in my turn of needs
To whom I waste my careful being,
My precious silence and dignified longing.
The eternal light of stars on the dark sky
That changed my nights into days
And left me time to weigh my love
The seasons of happiness and sorrows
Until utterance of blushing compassion
And fruitful showers, on my bouncing chest
are praised.
Copyright kc 2020.