There Are Still Sparkles


There Are Still Sparkles
There are still moments mounted on the wind
That carry your lightly painted countenance
Your blushing in light rosy tints
From the mild smell of the young garden.
There is still a springtime, with buds in early growing
But also, the riper ones will by time decease
So, hurry your way, don´t leave your love behind
Short is the path to your heart and mind.
There are still streams of gleaming light
Landing on my paper and my figures
Touching my short moments of fortune
Predicting the knowledge in your eyes.
There are still sparkles, Longing with lust
With wish to bring you some living flowers
So, you could paint my sorrowed face
In rosy mornings,
And in the image and virtues of your heart.
Copyright kc
April 2020