Touch me Now

Touch Me Now. From the verse cycle (To You)
Touch me now,
that may express thy love or thy merits,
Nothing great my dear, but although like wishes' divine.
 I tell myself that there is nothing old and nothing new,
just this very moment when I live and die.
Touch me now, touch my mind, that colour my senses
that carries the dust, the first conceit of love
ever spoken in your name,
the love that shakes all beauties down from the trees,
Still green and fresh like the view of Spring.
Touch me now, I know the nice hue is changing
while your love stands still and ever spire,
My fear of being deceived,
is taking the strength from the growing stem,
 for being the means of a most balmy time
and for making age never being born.
Copyright 2018. k.c