Another Poem for the Weekend

Poem no 12 In the Verse Cycle TO YOU.
 I Paint YOU
I paint you every morning,
as the silhouette of the flickering light
in colours of swiftly motion
in every shade, tone and tinge
trying to catch your complexion
Your soft skin.
I paint you as a blue Forget Me Not,
to know that you always will be close
a small Daisy in the morning dew,
that wet your eyes in the sunny heat
and many Columbines or Granny's Bonnet,
that birds will sing in every tree.
I colour your hair in blond and brown
every tuft so thin and discrete
every strand so neat and subtle,
that I could spread it with my fingertips
moving a fine tread from your forehead,
knowing the feeling when we meet.
I paint you every morning,
Your glittering eyes, your rosy cheek
that blush under my pencil,
Your whispering lips that stopped in a kiss
when the rain started falling
erasing the most of what I did.
And when Tomorrow comes, I will paint you,
In every morning of the flickering light.
Copyright 2018 k.c.