Run My Soul

Run, run for cover my soul
Where The mythical creature now is hiding
Sweeping within me, haunting, dragging
But also loving, caring, teaching
The deep mystery of life,
In where destiny is all you know.
Run, yes run from Summer´s burning plague,
From what in trees and plants were hidden
Now falling softly, to the ground
Leaving only some frozen buds alone
In where our memories are bound.
Oh, how much I love to walk around,
To run in the early mornings
Over the meadows, drowned in the nightly dew
Among the figures, the shadows of the night
The lonely names calling me to come.
Surely, I know the never resting time
That´s following my day and my nights
Rising me out of burned ashes into
A blow of pink dreams,
 a dance of white foam to rise on my Sea
and making light wings on the moonlight.
Copyright October 2019